What: As part of the USAID-funded “While in Egypt Stay Connected” Project, this assignment focused on expanding coverage of Worldwide ICT and Tourism Trends and included an analysis of the profile of travelers who book package tours versus those that book flights and hotels directly online. This work contributed to a medium term strategy for filling the gaps in connectivity identified in a baseline survey by the project.

The specific tasks included:

  • Documented trends in the package tour marketplace.
  • Documented trends in the independent traveler marketplace;
  • Provided a detailed profile of travelers that purchase package tours vs internet bookings of flights and hotels;
  • Provided the revenue value of each type of traveler;
  • Recommended infrastructure that needs to be in place to attract the non-package tour traveler:  hotel web sites, on-line bookings etc.
  • Informed the project on major competitors to the Egyptian tourist market.
  • Gathered information at the Travel Market Conference with regards to other countries that might be utilizing internet connectivity to promote their tourism market.
  • Contributed with campaign ideas to encourage travelers to use the internet while in Egypt
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