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New Jordan Tourism Strategy Based on Four Pillars

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New Jordan Tourism Strategy Based on Four Pillars

The recently announced National Tourism Strategy for Jordan (2011-15) is based on four main pillars:

1) Marketing and promotion — Expect to see an increased emphasis on social and digital media especially aimed at high-yield markets. Jordan is aiming to increase tourist arrivals to 9.4 million and tourism receipts to $5.9 billion.

2) Product development — The country is intent on continuing expansion in new hotel capacity and large-scale developments, especially air capacity, which is slated to increase by 20 per cent. A public-private partnership to develop and expand the Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA) will help achieve this.

3) Human resource development — The government hopes to see tourism create 25,000 jobs directly and more than 500,000 indirectly by 2015.

4) Enabling environment — The government hopes to pass a new tourism law, develop new tourism policies and increase awareness of the benefits of sustainable tourism. All of this will further make investing in Jordanian tourism more attractive.