Growth Pole-based Tourism Development Strategy for CIIP in Côte d’Ivoire Côte d'Ivoire


This project provided an analysis of the challenges and opportunities of the tourism sector nationally in Côte d’Ivoire, including a comprehensive review of opportunities for developing San Pedro as a tourism destination and vital component to the CIIP growth poles project. Chocolate tourism was explored since San Pedro is one of the world’s premier ports for the export of cocoa.

Activities and Services:

  • Reviewed the tourism sector nationally and for the cocoa port of San Pedro.
  • Provided comprehensive situational analysis and profile of  Côte d’Ivoire tourism.
  • National tourism demand, visitor arrivals, receipts, and satisfaction levels.  
  • Analyzed the full supply chain: accommodations, tour operators, air transport, ground transport and attractions.
  • Employment growth trends, sector distribution.  
  • Policy reviews. 
  • Conducted Competitiveness Analysis 
  • Reviewed institutional capacity for tourism.
  • Comparative analysis of investment climate.
  • Relevant international best practices, particularly among key competitors.
  • Conducted Analysis of the Competitive Opportunity for Development of San Pedro as  a Tourism Destination
  • Reviewed the specific challenges, constraints and opportunities for tourism development in San Pedro 
  • Prepared multiyear year scenarios for:
    • Current tourism offering including attractions, lodging, services and amenities
  •  Reviewed access (air, road and port) with consideration of opportunities for development
  • Presentation of key constraints (environmental, regulatory, access to land, business climate, labor capacity, taxes, infrastructure, etc) for the destination area
  • Provided a 3-5 year plan for destination development with identification of prioritized action steps, timing, key resources needed (financial and organizational) for San Pedro to become a competitive destination.