Egypt Cultural Tourism Development Egypt

Cultural tourism development and marketing focused on Historic Cairo and Luxor.

SW Associates is a sub-contractor to FHI 360 on the USAID-sponsored Integrated Management of Cultural Tourism (IMCT) project to assist with the cultural tourism development, marketing, and branding of Historic Cairo and Luxor.

For this project, the SW Associates team conducted in-depth market profiles of 12 important generating markets for Egyptian tourism. We also developed and led an interactive workshop for brand development of Historic Cairo.

The Branding Workshop presented a unique opportunity to bring together different factions of tourism stakeholders from both inside and outside of Historic Cairo (HC). The Workshop

The Branding Workshop involved a range of community stakeholders in an interactive, hands-on session where they could share the following:

  • Perspectives and impressions of Historic Cairo as it currently exists.
  • Their thoughts on what is needed for the future growth of Historic Cairo as a tourism destination.
  • Their ideas on how to express Historic Cairo as a brand