Grenada: Tourism Investment Assessment Grenada


Scott Wayne was commissioned by the International Finance Corporation’s Investment Climate (IC) Business Line program to assist the Government of Grenada (GoG) in assessing and benchmarking its assets, with the overall objective of improving its tourism competitiveness. Through a clearer understanding of the assets present, the Government could prioritize and target its tourism development strategy more precisely, thus leveraging its resources and assets more strategically.

Activities & Services:

  • Map Grenada’s tourism assets. Compiled information on Grenada’s physical tourism assets, including hotel properties (distressed, successful, undeveloped and underdeveloped), sites and attractions (on public and private lands) in order to better grasp the opportunities both the Government and private sector have to target the most strategic current and pipeline tourism investments in the country.
  • Provided research and networking support to the Team and an outside firm that will be conducting a tourism competitiveness assessment and benchmarking study.
  • Analyzed distressed hotel properties and under-performing loans.


Analysis of tourism assets in Grenada, including:

  • Inventory of hotel/accommodations properties, location, and current developmental status
  • Inventory of sites and attractions, both natural and man-made, developed, underdeveloped and undeveloped, public and privately owned
  • Strengths, weaknesses (e.g. shopping/lodging/food/other services located at or near asset) and feasible development opportunities for each identified asset
  • Report on identified tourism assets as they contribute to current and yet untapped niche tourism markets (e.g. yachting, eco-tourism, honeymoon)
  • Graphic map placing each asset in its respective location showing access and facilities.