Hainan Island Market Positioning for Major Resort Development China

中国海南岛— 市场定位和主要的度假地开发经营商


SW Associates and partner Knowledge-Based Consulting Group advised a major Chinese investment group on concept development, tourism market positioning and operator identification for a large new resort development on Hainan Island in China. We visited and analyzed most of the other resort developments in and around Sanya, the major hub for tourism development on the island. As with many of the developments on the island, this one was being fast-tracked to begin opening attractions in 2012. Our research and analysis was used to assist with the planning for the project.

SW 联合公司及合作伙伴渊博顾问团队为中国一家大型投资公司提供了在海南岛进行度假地概念开发,旅游市场定位和确定经营者的咨询服务。我们实地考察并且分析了三亚及其周围的大部分其他度假地开发项目。三亚是海南岛上主要的旅游发展中心。和岛上许多其他项目一样,该开发项目预计在2012年将开始向游客开放景点。我们的研究和分析被用于协助该项目的规划。

Activities & Services

  • Developed a concept for a higher end family style resort of 2000+ rooms with related entertainment, restaurant, and retail offers
  • Matched the concept with domestic Chinese and international market demand.
  • Secured a major international tourism investor as anchor for the development.
  • Developed a full online marketing strategy and plan for the development.