Market Feasibility and Concept Development for Rumeli Hotel Group

SW Associates was contracted by EMAC Capital to assist with the launching and development of the Rumeli Hotel Fund and Hotel Group. We provided the following services:

1)  Advised and assisted EMAC Capital and the Rumeli Hotel Fund with the identification, market assessment, development programming, feasibility analysis, business risk analysis, and financial structuring of potential luxury hotel and associated real estate investment projects

2)  Identified appropriate partners in South-East Europe and the Caucasus, which included:

  • International hotel and restaurant brands, particularly US and Asian
  • International top end tour operators
  • Airlines
  • Serviced apartment companies
  • Spa service providers and operators of other special amenities

3)  Provided ongoing assistance to the Rumeli Fund managers with regional and countrywide tourism demand assessments and hotel market intelligence, including contacts, in target countries and regions.

4)  Introduced EMAC Capital and the Rumeli Hotel Fund to:

  • The International Finance Corporation’s Global Manufacturing & Services Department (Retail, Hotels & Property Development) for IFC investment in hotel projects.
  • The Overseas Private Investment Corporation for investment in hotel projects and/or the Fund.
  • The Millennium Challenge Corporation’s Private Sector Initiatives for hotel projects inAlbania,Armenia,Georgia, andUkraineand possible investment in the Fund.
  • Small Enterprise Assistance Funds (SEAF), Central and Eastern European Funds, especially focusing on the $30 million Georgia Regional Development Fund.

5)  Identified an international partner for the Gonio site inGeorgia.

6)  Identified partners on proposed project prospects, particularly in Ljubljana, Belgrade, and Istanbul.