National Tourism Data and Hotel Investment Analysis Azerbaijan


SW Associates was commissioned by the Ministry of Tourism to conduct a comprehensive analysis and formulate detailed plans for the following priority areas:

  1. The hotel quality and classification system.
  2. The domestic tourism statistics system.

Activities & Services:

Hotel Classification System: 

  • Comprehensive analysis of the goals, organizational resources, performance and relevance of the hotel classification system in Azerbaijan. 
  • Comparative analysis of the hotel classification system with other systems in Abu Dhabi, New Zealand, Germany and the UK. 
  • User-generated reviews of accommodations were discussed with the Ministry and industry stakeholders.   
  • Conducted a brainstorming session with hotel industry stakeholders to consider the strengths and weaknesses of the existing system and importance of the growing trend of user-generated reviews. 
  • Provided recommendations for an improved system, keeping in mind adaptations for Azerbaijan.   
  • Provided recommendations for improved implementation of the system. 
  • Developed an Action Plan for reclassification of accommodations and better leveraging of user-generated reviews. 

Assessed domestic tourism statistics

  • Conducted a strengths and weaknesses analysis of the domestic tourism statistics collection and analysis process. 
  • Reviewed the human resource and technological capacity for addressing the gaps in collection, analysis and application of statistics results.  
  • Provided recommendations and an Action Plan for improved collection and use of domestic tourism statistics.