National Tourism Strategy Tanzania

Review and Recommendations for New Tanzania Tourism Policies and Strategies

What: A World Bank-commissioned assignment to selectively review and update the existing Tanzanian tourism strategy and master plan for tourism development. The review and analysis were conducted in terms of adequacy, relevance and effectiveness (implementation).

The assignment undertook the following tasks:

  • Review of strategy and master plan in the context of existing policy targets. The review emphasized compatibility with the country’s growth and poverty reduction strategies (known by the acronym MKUKUTA) and employment targets.
  • Assessment of global market potential for further tourism growth.
  • Provide recommendations for focused and critical policy measures to realize the country’s tourism potential for contributing to MKUKUTA targets.
  • Assessment and comparative analysis of  tourism-related liberalization commitments by Tanzania under the WTO’s GATS (General Agreement on Trade in Services).
  • Provide recommendations for strengthening implementation in a new National Tourism Development Program (NTDP), including coverage of success stories in other countries.


A new overall strategic plan and recommended directions for Tanzanian tourism. One of the key recommendations was that Tanzania should strive to be a premier model Geotourism destination. Geotourism is a sustainable tourism program created by National Geographic to provide guidelines for development and marketing.