Online Travel Marketing Montenegro

Online Travel Marketing for the Montenegro Private Sector Development and Competitiveness Project (MCP)

What: The USAID-sponsored MCP was implemented by Booz Allen Hamilton to provide technical assistance to the Montenegrin Private Sector in tourism, agriculture and wood industries. The project mission was to create more and better paying  jobs and to increase economic growth resulting in a more broad-based prosperity for the people of Montenegro. SW Associates was commissioned to conduct the following activities for improved online marketing:

1) A detailed assessment of existing websites.

2) Identification of opportunities for website improvements, thus increasing the quality, relevance and effectiveness of travel websites in Montenegro.

2) Increase the number of travel-related websites by assisting hotels, restaurants and other travel-related entities that did not have websites with the development of relevant and effective sites.

3) Ensure that Montenegrin travel-related websites were linked and affiliated with other sites in a manner that would maximize their exposure and revenue.

4) Workshops for capacity building on the effective use of websites as a marketing and distribution tool.

5) Provide templates for travel website development.

Nearly every travel website in Montenegro in 2004-05 was analyzed, compared with best practices in other countries and, for those companies interested, counseled on site improvements, particularly from a marketing perspective.