Ras al Khaimah Tourism Strategy Update, UAE Ras al Khaimah


SWA contributed to the development of an updated sustainable tourism destination development strategy and implementation plan for the three-year period (2019 to 2021). Both were intended to guide local development, investments, capacities and promotion activities to provide RAK with a clear blueprint for competitively positioning itself as a destination to attract higher-yield visitors and MICE delegates, attain its sustainability goals, and encourage destination and product development consistent with RAK’s strategy.

Activities & Services

The strategy also updated targets and key performance indicators of the 2025 strategy, as well as
an updated tourism destination growth roadmap to achieve the following objectives:
• Updated “Destination Strategy 2019-2021” and updated 2025 targets and indicators
• Phased three-year implementation plan to achieve strategy goals
• Strengthened tourism framework for more effective development and management
• Pathway to destination sustainability
• Roadmap for developing tourism clusters and destinations, both coastal and inland
• Roadmap for new products, experiences, and investments