Saudi Arabia: Identification of Priority Tourism Investment Opportunities for Ministry of Investment Saudi Arabia


Scott Wayne was commissioned by the World Bank to analyze the existing tourism investment opportunities of the Ministry of Investment (MISA) in Saudi Arabia then identify potential complementary and new project opportunities.

MISA had identified the following tourism investment opportunities on their website, which were reviewed by the team:

1) Hotel projects across the country (including a Heritage Boutique Hotel).
2) Agri-tourism projects, including an agritourism resort and retreat.
3) Culinary regional tours.
4) Adventure Park and resort
5) Ecolodge
6) Theme parks in Jeddah, Aseer, Riyadh, and Eastern Province.
7) Luxury wellness resort
8) Hejaz Railway Museum
9) Zoo development

Complementary opportunities included establishing a resource center for sustainable tourism development, optimization of regulations for investment, and optimization of hotel quality systems.