Senegal – Coastal Tourism Development Senegal


In support of the World Bank’s Growth, Employment and Competitiveness Project in Senegal, Scott Wayne conducted a comprehensive analysis of the latest trends in the international tourism market affecting Senegal, especially its coastal tourism development.

Activities & Services:

  • Analysis of existing situation, mapping of key operators through:
    Meetings with key stakeholders, including firms and private sector organizations;
    Analysis of existing data from the administration, the private sector, Investment Climate Assessment (World Bank), and other sources.
    Outreach to overseas clients, such as tours-operators, industry representatives investors, and sector experts.
    A summary of the economic performance of the country’s tourism sector, direct and indirect employment generation, contributions to GDP, and exports.
  • Overview of the industry and determine what the key opportunities and barriers to expanding the supply of tourism services.
  • Analysis of factor costs and of the impact of input costs.
  • Analysis of the cost of primary factors, including unit labor costs and wage costs, capital costs, water and electricity costs and contrasting them with the cost in competitor countries.
  • Policy approaches by government concerning sector policies on institutional capacity, transportation and tourism infrastructure, government investments and expenditures, and supply chains.
  • Analysis of government policy and regulations, including institutional issues (e.g. related to SOEs), labor issues (work and residence permit issues), access to land, nature of licenses and licensing process, constraints imposed by air travel and visa issues, telecoms, and other infrastructure, etc.
  • Determination of potential developments and opportunities for the country to promote the growth of the tourism sector.
  • Define a roadmap to improve the tourism situation.
  • Identify key actions to strengthen the tourism sector’s capacity to contribute to economic productivity, growth, and employment generation.

• Project concept note.
• Project appraisal document.