The Nyungwe Nziza Project (USAID) Rwanda

The Nyungwe Nziza Project (USAID)

This USAID-sponsored project was  launched in 2010 by DAI with support  from  SW Associates, as a sub-contractor,  and other organizations. The SW  Associates  team has been focusing on  marketing and promotion, especially  online marketing  and the development of  a project website, as well as increased international media  coverage.


Through Nyungwe Nziza, USAID intends to transform Nyungwe National Park  (NNP) into a viable ecotourism destination, generating sustainable and equitable  income for local communities and as many other stakeholders as possible including private investors, creating employment for surrounding communities, thus providing economic incentives to conserve the rich biodiversity of the Park. The focus of the project is two-fold: inclusive ecotourism development for the benefit of local communities surrounding the park and leveraging private sector investment in the management, construction, and maintenance of new and existing park infrastructure. The objectives of the project are to:

  • Support the Rwanda Development Board to transform NNP into a viable ecotourism destination;
  • Generate sustainable and equitable income for local communities and other stakeholders;
  • Create employment for surrounding communities; and
  • Provide economic incentives to conserve the rich biodiversity of the Park