Tourism Business Planning and Market Development Lebanon

Lebanon Business Linkages Initiative (LBLI): Tourism Business Planning, Market Plans and Product Development (USAID)

What: In collaboration with local colleague, Wafa Osta on LBLI, I assisted six tour operators and travel agencies in Beirut with the development of new marketing strategies to help bring international brand name recognition to Lebanon’s tourism.  Additionally, we supported the development of new tourism products based on a 2 year sector strategy developed by the Beyond Beirut committee.

These product recommendations included adventure travel, eco-tourism, cultural tourism, and the meetings market — Beyond Beirut.


  • SWOT and value chain analysis of tourism sector and individual plans and operations of six companies.
  • New business plans, including marketing and product development plans produced for six companies.
  • Marketing plans included emphasis on online marketing, especially via social media channels.


Most tourism to Lebanon has been concentrated in and around Beirut, thus leaving much of the rest of the country separated from the 30%+ positive impact of tourism on GDP. The Lebanon Business Linkages Initiative aimed to help spread the benefits by assisting tourism businesses with market and product development beyond Beirut. The establishment of the Beyond Beirut organization, website and corresponding publication have been key results.