Tourism Policy Reform and Recommendations Romania

Policy Reforms and Recommendations for the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism (MRDT)

What: Worked with the World Bank on an overall assessment of MRDT focusing on the Tourism Department.

The objective of this assessment was to understand the design of the national tourism infrastructure of Romania, in particular the structure and role of the governmental institutions and organizations most directly responsible for promoting sector growth in regional and local space.  The aim was to identify structural and institutional opportunities and constraints to diversifying and developing tourism in Romania.


In-depth organizational assessment of the the organizational resources, assets, performance and relevance of government tourism organizations in Romania to acquire a solid understanding of institutions and support structures established within MRDT for tourism development and implementation of the tourism development and promotion strategy.  Scott assessed Government policies and regulatory framework; tourism development policy; sector management and performance; and human resources development in Romanian tourism.

A Priority Tourism Development Action Plan and Implementation Arrangements were developed and proposed along with integrated recommendations for the short, medium, and long term to fit into the overall functional review of the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism.