Tourism Sector Review and Potential for Growth Study (World Bank) Lebanon

Tourism Sector Review and Potential for Growth Study, World Bank


Scott Wayne was commissioned by the World Bank with SWA local colleague, Wafa Osta, to conduct a study  to understand the mechanisms most suitable for expanding tourism into other parts of the country. Special consideration was given to poverty levels, regional relevance and basic levels of infrastructure.  The aim was to identify means to diversifying tourism, using it as a tool for regional and local development.  The study supported the country’s eventual aim to expand the benefits of tourism to diverse local communities across the country thereby encouraging shared growth and sustainability and minimizing the negative environmental and social repercussions.


  • Detailed evaluation of the resources, assets, performance and relevance of the tourism sector in the Lebanese economy, including an analysis of key trends for production, consumption, exports, imports prices, macroeconomic performance, monetary indicators, contribution to GDP and trade policy.
  • Summary of  the economic opportunities based on scale, local synergies and market access, including a determination of  i) current supply and demand; ii) potential supply and demand; and iii) realistic and prioritized opportunities for development.
  • A priority program for the development of tourism in Lebanon to provide maximum benefit to the country and its people. The program includes recommendations of investment strategies (short and medium term) to achieve the following results:

(a) Significantly increase the country’s capacity for generating foreign exchange;

(b) Create employment (directly and indirectly) opportunities for its citizens; and

(c) Improve the quality of life of the men and women of Lebanon in general and the poor in particular.