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Tackling Overtourism


Tackling Overtourism

Helpful article from Jonathan Tourtellot about hashtag#overtourism: in National Geographic Traveler. Useful advice for travelers.

The issues highlighted in the article — overcrowding, waste management, degradation of local cultural and nature-based heritage, overwhelmed transport, rising rents, etc — are issues that can be mitigated (or prevented in emerging destinations) and controlled with sensible local planning, policies and destination management.

Skift’s “Framework” of five solutions for “overtourism” are worth serious consideration, especially since Rafat Ali, the founder of hashtag#Skift originated the term and their reporting and analysis dig deep into destination development issues:
Check out the solutions at:

And the September 2018 hashtag#UNWTO report on hashtag#Overtourism, offers 11 strategies and several actions for each strategy (total of 68), which could also be useful for destination management and planning, albeit no surprises with recommendations such as disperse visitors (Strategies 1 and 2). Download the executive summary at:


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