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UK Visitors to Rwanda – 41% Increase in 2011

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UK Visitors to Rwanda – 41% Increase in 2011

UK Market – 41% Increase in 2011

Rwanda Tourism Fact Sheet for the World Travel Market 2011

Rwanda is actively working to sustainably grow its tourism sector and the efforts are succeeding. UK tourist arrivals are steadily increasing helped, no doubt, by the 12 exhibitors on the Rwanda Stand and the RDB.


  • Annual average increase of 7% 2007-2010 in British visitors to Rwanda.
  • January-August 2011, a huge increase of 41%.
  • Total is still modest, but the fast growth shows great market potential:
    • Last year, 4,783 came for Leisure, 2,758 for business.
    • UK accounts for 12% of total non-African leisure visitors, which #2 after the USA (8,763).
  • Almost 70 million British travel abroad every year, so the market potential for Rwanda is very much untapped.
  • The British are the 4th biggest spenders on international tourism after Germany, USA and China.
  • British bookings to Rwanda via TripAdvisor increased 600% in 2011.

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